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Product Details

Model: PG-02

Pressure gauge, glycerine oil filled

Dial: 1.5"(40mm), 2"(50mm), 2.5"(63mm), 3"(75mm), 4"(100mm)

Material: St. St. 304,Brass Movement and Inner

Bezel: A: Crimped St. St. 304

B: Bayonet St. St. 304 (Dia. 63, 75, 100mm)

Window: Plexiglass

Internal: Copper alloy

Liquid filled: Glycerine fillable


BM (bottom connection)

BMR(bottom connection with rear flange)

BK(central back connection)

BKF(central back connection with front flange)

LBK(low back connection)

LBKF(low back connection with front flange)

Accuracy: 1.6% or 1%

Thread: 1/8"BSP brass for 40mm

1/4"BSP brass for 50mm

1/4"BSP, 3/8"BSP, 1/2"BSP brass for 63mm, 75mm, 100mm

Range: 0+1, 0+100, -1+0 Bar & Psi / Kg/cm2, or according to customer's requirment

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Landline: +86 0519-88108199

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